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Sales manager

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the sales management of the company's products.
2. Develop new customers, increase product sales scope, maintain and increase existing customer relationships.
3, collect, feedback, deal with customer opinions, and provide reasonable suggestions for the better operation of the company.
4. Participate in the formulation or assist the upper management in the implementation of relevant policies and systems.
5. Responsible for the recruitment, training, deployment and performance evaluation of the sales team. Lead the team to deeply cultivate the target industry customers.

Job Requirements:
1, 28-35 years old, more than three years of chemical industry sales experience, more than two years of sales team management experience.
2, with rich customer resources and customer relations, strong market development ability, excellent performance.
3. Have strong ambition, good market analysis, sales, promotion ability, good interpersonal communication and coordination ability.
5, Have a certain leadership ability, can organize, train a team, professional, efficient analysis, problem solving.

Benefits: Negotiable

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