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What are the advantages of boron trioxide instead of boric acid in industries such as furnace lining refractories?

1. Effects of water:
Boric acid is the hydrate of boron trioxide, and its molecular formula is H3BO3, which can be expressed as B2O3• 3H2O. It can be seen that the content of crystal water in boric acid is 43.69%, while the water content of boron trioxide produced by Xi 'an Youli Electronic Chemical Co., Ltd. is only a few tenths of a percent.
It has been proved that the use of boron trioxide has the following advantages over the use of boric acid:
⑴ Easy to make the furnace mix closer.
(2) In the oven to avoid more water vapor on the insulation layer, furnace lining fire resistance of the adverse effect.
(3) Reduce the probability of water vapor forming iron oxide on the wall.
(4) The false alarm phenomenon caused by high water content of the lining is reduced.
(5) Reduce the scouring force caused by bubbling on the furnace lining.
(6) Reduce the energy consumption caused by the dehydration and vaporization of boric acid.
2. Effects of acidity:
The PH value of boric acid solution is about 2 to 3, and the PH value of boron trioxide solution is about 5, it can be seen that the acidity of boric acid is much stronger than that of boron trioxide, which will produce greater chemical corrosion of the furnace lining, thereby reducing the service life of the furnace lining.
3. Impact of production time:
The use of boron trioxide in production saves a quarter of the oven time compared to the use of boric acid.
4. Improve adhesion:
The melting point of boron trioxide is 582℃, and the liquid phase produced can be well coated on the surface of coarse quartz sand, so that the quartz sand is better bonded.
All in all, the use of boron trioxide instead of boric acid in production, in improving the life of the furnace lining at the same time also reduces energy consumption, whether it is cost savings, security or production of better quality products, boron trioxide has become more and more manufacturers subtle choice.

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