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The storage method of ecological and toxicological data of boron oxide is introduced

Ecological data

Do not allow undiluted or large quantities of the product to come into contact with groundwater, waterways, or sewage systems. Do not release the material into the surrounding environment without permission. Free boron
1, Acute toxicity: mice introduced peritoneal LD50:1868mg/kg mice oral LD50:3163mg/kg mice oral LD50:3163mg/kg mice.
2, can stimulate the nose, eyes and skin, causing conjunctivitis, red rash.

Storage method:
1, keep the storage device sealed, stored in a cool, dry place, ensure that the work room has good ventilation or exhaust device, away from fire, heat source.
2, should be stored separately from acids, do not mix. Staff should take good protection, if accidentally touch the skin and eyes, should immediately wash with plenty of water.

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